Our Services

Financial Services

Monthly Financial Reporting

Financial Management

Budgeting Process

CMPM prepares a “Draft” operating budget, during the 9th month of the fiscal year.

Reserve Fund Study Updates

CMPM will work closely with the RF Planner to:

  • A provide resources, information and support in the preparation of the RFS study.
  • Review the Corporation’s RFS , provide comments and recommendations on proposed expenses.

Administrative Services

Monthly Reporting

We prepare your Agenda, Notice of Meeting and a written monthly Property Managers’ report illustrating the status of items completed and outstanding.

Boards will be asked to approve motions to ratify and approve all expenses and projects, as prescribed by the management agreement spending limits.

Status Certificates

We prepare online Status Certificates and all required Corporation Documents as required by the Condo Act.

Record Keeping

All Corporation records including the minute book, drawings, building maintenance records, suite files, owners/mortgages and tenant lists, contracts and all other records required by Section 55 of the Condo Act will be maintained.

Online Community Portal

Each Community will have access to a website to allow for access to governing documents, budgets, notices, newsletters and more.

Customer Service

24/7 emergency after hours service and coverage, provided by a licensed Condominium Manager.

Technology Partners

Concierge Plus

Property management platform driving efficiencies by streamlining and automating processes, improving task management and providing convenient online access to Board of Directors, Owners, Tenants and Management.


Condominium Accounting Software platform developers and more.

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