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Churchill McLaughlin Property Management Specialists Ltd. is Greater Toronto Area’s experienced and premier choice for property management. Through exceptional service and dedication, we are committed to providing a consistent elevated experience for both property owners and tenants alike.

We understand that our success is dependent on creating a true partnership with the residents, building staff, and the property owners/Board of Directors. As such we believe in mutual honesty and integrity to ensure these  relationships last for years to come!

Our Services

Below are the services we provide for property owners and corporations

Day To Day Operations

We arrange and ensure regular maintenance tasks are performed on time, manage and supervise building staff, award contracts and more.

Financial Services

We administer the collection of the common element fees, monthly financial statement preparation, budget preparation and more.

Administrative Services

We handle rule enforcement, requests for R.F.Q’s, announcements and newsletters, annual and board metting chairing and more.


What our clients and tenants say about us.

"Churchill McLaughlin Property Management has proven to be a very professional and trustworthy organization. They are helpful and candid with clear directions and always open to suggestions. The Management Representative for PCC 220 has done a fantastic job since his time with our complex."
Rudy W.
Property Board Member
"Churchill McLaughlin is a pleasure to work with. They always have the best interests of the residents in mind when making any decision, and take action in a deliberate and effective manner. From a engineering perspective, it is extremely beneficial to work with a management team that understands your constraints and provides the quick response and service that allow us to carry out work properly. Churchill McLaughlin delivers on this every time."
Tyson N.
"Our corporations has worked with Churchill McLaughlin for the past five years and has provided us with excellent service and advice in which our corporation has prospered under his care and direction. We (PCC140) highly recommend Churchill McLaughlin property management to any prospective clients."
Eileen S.
Condominium Corporation Treasurer
"Larry has been the property manager of the condominium where our child care centre is located for several years. He has always been very open to any requests for changes to the interior as well as exterior of the centre. I was then fortunate enough to have him take over as property manager of the condominium corporation where I reside and he was able to turn a very dire situation into a finically stable corporation."
Andrea A.
Property Board Member
"As pest control operators working across the GTA we work with many different Property Management companies. Churchill McLaughlin Property Management Specialists are one of the best. They have high standards for service and communication and take immediate action. Churchill McLaughlin Property Management Specialist believe in taking a proactive approach to pest control and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for residents at their sites."
Jessica H.